Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sorry, inter-space!

Woah, it's been a while! Sorry about that.

I have no excuse. I knew I'd drop the ball. But I came back, unlike the other five blogs I previously started. Ha.

In truth, school began eating me alive. This previous semester suffocated me. I had so much to do all the time, and it was never good enough for any of my professors (Thanks, OU!) but I managed to get through somehow passing all of my classes.

I have started summer classes already, as well as an internship! G$ and I are going to Chicago in three weeks, I could not be more excited to get away and spend some time with my love. We are going with a friend and his lady, who has never been. So, it will be a great experience showing her all of our favorite places he and I have discovered in the previous times we went together.

I hope to continue writing and maintaining a productive regularity on here, but who knows. I cannot make any promises or guarantees.