Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finals are mostly over!

I have been so stressed for the last week. I have my accounting final yesterday morning, and I successfully managed to pull off a 2.0 in the class which means I do not have to retake it!!! Today I had the remainder of my finals, which I think/hope will turn out just as successful. We shall see!

I have been stress eating like it's nobody's business. I need to find my way back to the right track. I did pretty ok today, I had my allotted fruits and most of my veggies, but lots of carbs on top of those too. Phooey! I have been feeling pretty crummy since Sunday night so I think part of it was comfort eating as well. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on track.

A friend at work introduced me to this VPF or something like that which is a dehydrated tofu product and it wasn't too bad. It had a similar texture to barley if I had to compare it to anything. I'll have to give it a shot in some homemade things of my own. I'd love to introduce my family to it.

When I told my mom about the Biggest Loser diet and what it's all about, she seemed very interested which is exciting to possibly have someone around almost 24/7 to watch me. I shouldn't need babysitting but everyone needs a cheerleader. From an exchange of emails, it sounded like she ordered me one of their cookbooks which I know from some of the research I have done includes calorie counts, how many carbs/protiens/ect.

I thought I should throw a quick update in here since I haven't been around for a week. Hopefully once things settle this week, I will be back on track and let everyone know how it's still going. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! Let me know if you like the diet and cookbook -- it sounds like something I might try.