Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I'm a dirty boy."

No, I am not a boy. But it was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought about what a HORRIBLE eater I have been this last week.

As of Wednesday, I decided to not keep track of what I was putting in my mouth because of the holiday and have all sorts of family in town and around. Bad choice, I know. So, I said that as of yesterday I would be back on track. I did very well yesterday, and then there was today...

I knew today was going to be a long one. I have been at school since 9:45am. It is now 5:11pm, and I still have another four hours and twenty minutes. Ugh! So I decided to have Subway for lunch, thinking this will be a good choice. I purchased a foot long with the intentions of eating half for lunch and saving the rest for dinner which I have. But when I logged onto Livestrong's My Plate to help keep track of my calories, and entered in everything that was on my sub (Ham, Provolove, veggies and vinegar) I couldn't believe how many calories that was! Granted it was split into two meals but HOLY CRAP! I'm sure it was realistically the bread that did me in (and the cheese) but wow.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to cut more carbs out of my diet? I know it should just be "don't eat them" but it isn't that's simple! I thought it was but as I've kept track I can't believe how many I still consume.

On a non-food related topic, it was so nice to have all the family in town for Thanksgiving/Grandma's birthday. I miss everyone already. Esp. the babies!!!! I hardly get to see them so Grant and I were talking about FINALLY making it down to NC to visit.

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  1. Hey Dana. My favorite weight loss blogger has a bunch of badges on her site from scalejunkie.com. They give you awards for landmark losses and I am sure they offer lots of other fun things, but I was going to look over there today to get inspired and thought you might be interested as well!

    I am not encouraging weight loss for you in the bad way, like, "you need to lose weight!" (I hate how it always sounds like that when people encourage me!!!) I just think it is AWESOME that you are setting a goal and giving it a go! GO YOU!!