Thursday, November 19, 2009

A brief sigh of relief

I have been freaking out since I've taken my accounting midterm that I would not pass the class. While my professor is very nice, she is a harsh grader (my adviser even agreed, but we will get there momentarily) and not a very good teacher. It seems that more and more people that can do are being hired in to educate young minds but in the end turn out to be poor educators.

Anyway, I met with my adviser today. I explained the situation to him ("She gave one of the guys in my class zero points on a written problem because he put the title and company in the wrong spots at the top of his income statement while everything else was right.") and asked the scary question, "Should I end up failing this class, how far behind will it put me?" To my grateful surprise, he assured me that it might set me up to have to fight for classes next semester, but it will not set me back on the future planned schedule he and I sat down and created at the beginning of this semester. Sometimes I feel like every time I take one step forward to graduating and having a life plan, OU is pushing me two steps back. I will get there though, soon enough! Graduation is actually within reach now, I have a plan and a schedule to abide by. My life is going to be ok!

In other news, I actually have a Friday night off and G$ and I are going to the Lion's game Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, it sounds like we'll be going to the parade this year and then heading back to my house to feast on delicious turkey dinner and mashed 'taters.

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