Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have found my blogging purpose

I have been snooping my way through people's blogs all over blogger and realized my blogging destiny-to write about my weight loss process.

Tacky, yes. Helpful, probably.

With the help of some friends and the support of everyone else, I am going to make this happen. My real motivation has been the 10lbs I recently lost between playing rugby again and eating healthier. I even gave up my drug of choice-Diet Coke. In fact, with the exception of an unintentional oops, I haven't willingly drank any type of soda in almost three weeks. It's been iced tea, juice and lots of water for me! And the result was an astonishing 10 pounds in three months, and six of those were lost after the last rugby game of the season. So, I must be doing something right.

I'll try to write about my struggles, downfalls and uphill battles-I'm sure there will be many. This will be a place for me to admit my wrongdoings and shamefully face them because if I don't do it now I never will later down the road. I'm tired of putting it off. This is like quitting smoking, if I wasn't willing to do it now I most likely never would and I successfully did that. Now it's time to quit eating like an addict and start making better choices. I want to live for a long time and I refuse to let my weight be my downfall.


  1. Have you read Ex Hot Girl (http://exhotgirl.blogspot.com/)? Go back to the beginning and read her archives. GREAT weight-loss blog, and lots of great ideas for goals and blog posts and whatnot. She is also a great photographer who I wish had been at MY wedding!

  2. I have lol I found her through you actually. When I started my blog I wanted to make sure people would actually read it, so I went through who you were following and she was sort of my inspiration to start blogging about it.

  3. Very cool! I can't wait for more updates!