Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, here I am again...

Attempting to blog again. I'm never very good at these. I start them and then drop the ball because something else takes over (typically school).

Who am I?
No one special. I'm a college junior, attempting to get a degree in marketing. I have wonderful, supporting family and friends. A fabulous boyfriend who makes it his job to take care of me. I sometimes love my school, only when it's loving me back. Otherwise, it is usually making my life very difficult. I have a great job, an even better boss. I play rugby for an opposing school, merely because my academic facility does not have a girls team. Thankfully, a previous teammate from high school allowed me to play under her direction and am happily rucking and mauling again.

I will probably complain a lot about school and the people (ahem, idiots) that attend many of the classes I do, as well. I love to make people laugh but it's usually through my sarcasm but that can get lost in text.

Well, here goes nothin....with me luck!

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